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Watch Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra special on Netflix

If you have Netflix, I’d suggest watching Ali Wong’s comedy special called ‘Baby Cobra.’ It’s streaming now. Here’s a trailer for it.

Wong is a writer on ABC’s sitcom Fresh off the Boat, and she’s very funny. As you can see in that screen capture on the YouTube video above, she’s pregnant — about 7.5 months — when she does this special. She has an entire joke about female comedians getting pregnant and how, if/when it happens, they completely disappear from the public eye. (Then, if a male comedian has a baby, he makes it a centerpiece of his new routines and other dads love him, making him more famous.)

Because she’s 7.5 months pregnant in the special, there are a ton of jokes about pregnancy, getting pregnant, considering motherhood, and more. Vulture wrote a whole article about the different pregnancy jokes in the special and how powerful they are. Vogue did a whole feature on it as well.

Wong actually had a miscarriage before this pregnancy, and she has a few jokes about that too — apparently she had to fight with producers of the special to keep those jokes in. (She makes a good point about the difference between first-world health care and third-world health care in one of the jokes.)

And, seeing as I work as a doula, there’s a section near the end where Wong talks about considering getting a doula and the process of understanding what we do and finding one. It’s very funny.

It should be noted that the entire special is pretty R-rated (there is a lot of sex talk, etc.), but if you can handle that, I’d recommend it for anyone — whether you’re a new mom, a seasoned mom, or contemplating the idea of being a mom (or dad). A lot of it resonates and rings true no matter where you’re at in life.

Since shooting the special, Wong gave birth to the child in her belly as she makes these jokes — a daughter.

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