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The Birth Bag


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A collection of practical tools for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. The Birth Bag includes nourishing snacks that can help provide much needed energy to sustain the physical demands of labor. Essential oils and massage tools to help with relaxation during labor and birth and early postpartum. A 20 page booklet filled with information from a seasoned doula on how to help prepare your body for birth. It also includes easy to use guides for writing a birth plan, preparing for a VBAC, comfort measures, Tips for partners and so much more! Price $189.99 including shipping

What’s in The Birth Bag

*Lavender, Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils, Essential Oils Guide for Pregnancy, Birth & Baby, Essential Oils Safety Guide, Sweet almond oil, Arnica massage oil, Labor Positions Guide, Spiky ball, Wooden comb, Hand held massager, Re-usable hot/cold pack, 24 birth affirmation cards, fuzzy non-slip slipper socks, Motherlove sitz bath spray, 3 sets of re-usable nursing pads, Motherlove nipple cream, Motherlove rhoid balm, Motherlove pregnant belly salve, Motherlove diaper rash and thrush cream, 8 honey sticks, 2 coconut water packets, 1 EmergenC, 2 ultima replenishers, 2 gin gin chews, 5 organic hard candies, a water bottle, hair ties and ChapStick.

Plus Everyday Essentials
Cosmetic bag, Desert Essence Shampoo, Desert Essence Conditioner, Tom’s of Maine Soap, Preserve Tooth brush & Tom’s of Maine paste, Floss and 2 Crystal Deodorant wipes.

Along with all of the wonderful relaxation tools for birth, your bag comes with a 20 page booklet packed with information on how to prep your body for birth. Easy to use handouts for reference throughout your pregnancy; My Birth Plan Template, Hospital Bag Checklist, Comfort Measures for Birth, Tips for Partners, Tips for turning a breech baby, preparing for a VBAC guide and How to use your Pregnancy Brain- a guide to making informed decisions and the A-Z Guide for Postpartum Wellness!

Enjoy the complete Birth Bag for your comfort, self-care, and confidence in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

The Birth Bag

Created by Kristin Smith
96 Conant Rd
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Use Caution: The products included in The Birth Bag, their suggested use and the information in the booklet should NOT be taken as medical advice. Not all suggestions are suitable for everyone. Consult with your health care professional before you use this guide and any contents in The Birth Bag.

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