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Why your maternity bag matters

The Birth Bag

There are a crush of things that happen around your entire pregnancy and due date — and this is true whether it’s Kid No. 1 or Kid No. 6. In the context of everything, some people forget about the importance of the maternity bag. The maternity bag is essentially going to be what’s with you, and comforting you/newborn, as you bring life into the world. Within minutes of a life-defining event, you may reach for something from your maternity bag. And, if you’re the partner/husband/etc., the maternity bag might be especially crucial.

In short: the maternity bag matters. A lot. That’s why I built on 10+ years of experience as a nanny and doula to make sure I crafted my version of the maternity bag to maximum benefit.

Quickly, now — because I know you’re busy — here are a few things to know and understand about a maternity bag:

  • The maternity bag is an item of global relevance; check out these examples from around the world
  • A good maternity bag is about preparation, and so much of effective childbirth — beyond the medical side of it — is also about effective preparation
  • A good maternity bag is about peace of mind, and/or knowing that you can reach for exactly what you need in an important moment
  • A good maternity bag is about collaboration between mother/father or mother/partner
  • A good maternity bag is about comfort for all involved
  • A good maternity bag is about being in the moment — and it’s a glorious moment — because you know the basics and logistics are taken care of
  • A good maternity bag is about relaxation
  • A good maternity bag is about the first moments of a new life being treated with warmth and respect
  • A good maternity bag is about being ready for life’s biggest miracle 
  • A good maternity bag is about you

This is all why I created my maternity bag. While we have other products in the shop, the basic Birth Bag — my version of a maternity bag — is one that’s near and dear to my heart, because I know how much comfort, preparation, and relaxation in that moment matters. I hope you check it out and feel the same way.

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