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Arrive at the Hospital Prepared with The Birth Bag

You’re having a baby! The Birth Bag was created to transform your birthing experience with top quality comfort measures hand selected for you by a seasoned doula. Feeling prepared and confident for your labor and birth is one of the best ways to ease the anxiety of the big day.

✼ With The Birth Bag by your side, you will walk through those hospital doors feeling prepared and ready to birth your baby!

“The birth bag is perfect for any birthing mama and especially useful for those who, for various circumstances, won’t have a doula. This bag is the perfect stand in!” – Janel


The Birth Bag includes nourishing snacks and hydration blends to ensure you have the energy you need for labor.


Included are tools for coping with pain, such as a hand held massager, aromatherapy, massage oils, hot and cold packs, and affirmations, that will provide the comfort and relaxation you need to keep going.


From a 12 page booklet filled with guidance on preparing your body for birth, tips on planning for a blissful birth, a guide on comfort measures and tips for partners and other useful guides to use at your birth.

The Birth Bag ColorsChoose from four beautiful color combinations! With free shipping, your Birth Bag will arrive within 4-5 business days so that you can relax and enjoy your final weeks knowing you’ve got what you need.
“My favorite tool to use in labor was the spiky dryer ball. During each contraction I would squeeze for as long as I could handle. It really helped me focus on something other than my contractions.” – Becky
“Kristin provided us with the most amazing energy filled snacks during my labor. My wife especially enjoyed the honey sticks and hard candies – the perfect boost of energy without upsetting her stomach. I was so glad to see her offer them in The Birth Bag! – Sarah & James

The Birth Bag


Expert doula musings on pregnancy and how The Birth Bag can help.

The Birth Bag


Expert doula tips for labor and birth for mom and her support team.

The Birth Bag


Expert doula tips for your first weeks postpartum as a new mom.

The Birth Bag


Expert doula tips helping you to prepare for and enjoy life with your newborn baby.

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The Birth Bag

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