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The importance of dads/partners to The Birth Bag

I posted that picture above to Facebook yesterday. You can see everything in The Birth Bag here, but I wanted to do a quick post explaining the role of some of the items. In this example above, typically what you’re seeing is used by the dad/partner during the process. Almost everything in The Birth Bag is catered to the female, i.e. the expectant mother, but some of the contents are focused on the male or the partner. I designed The Birth Bag that way because the role of the partner is crucial, no matter what the context is. In the upcoming elections, you’ll hear the term “… it takes a village…” probably 100s of times (Hillary Clinton actually wrote a book by that title), and aside from child-rearing, there aren’t many situations where partnership is crucial than birth itself. It involves partnership between the physician and mother (or doula and mother), the mother and father/partner, the nurse and physician, the nurse and mother, and so on.

There are a number of different resources online about being a dad-to-be, although it’s significantly less than the resources about being a mom-to-be. Here’s a good article about labor and delivery advice for dads/partners, and here’s one on how dads can be the perfect birth partner.

Each couple/partnership navigates to their own sweet spot based on who they are individually and together, so I can’t give much advice there. It’s uniquely personal. But I wanted people to understand why I have elements of The Birth Bag related to the male, or partner. You’re doing a lot too, and we realize that. I wanted to make sure it was embraced in how the product was created.

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