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What’s The Best Nighttime Routine For A New Baby?

No, no — I wouldn’t recommend this book. One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of being a new mom (or dad) is trying to tackle caring for a brand new life by yourself; this is even harder as a first-time parent. Most human brains instantly look for some kind of routine, or process, to make… Read More

Your Third Trimester To-Do List

It’s getting closer now … the third trimester can be a beautiful time for an expectant family, but also one of the scariest (in pockets). A lot of joy is about to come into your life — but you can fully appreciate it more if you plan and prioritize. Here’s a handy guide. Pack your… Read More

Six Movies NOT To Watch While Pregnant

There’s a bunch of things you should watch and read while pregnant — to learn more about one of the most momentous parts of your life — and then, there are movies you probably shouldn’t watch. While these are hilarious in their own right, the whole arc of the movie and the childbirth scenes can be a… Read More

Guiding The Way

This summer, I had the pleasure of attending a home birth of a well-seasoned, third-time mom. Things were moving along slowly, or rather — slower than her two previous births. You could tell she was getting frustrated, as there hadn’t been much change in several hours. The midwives were able to nap, while mom labored on… Read More

Should You Choose A Midwife Or An OB For Pregnancy?

OB or Midwife

This is a question I get a lot, from both first-time expectant mothers and mothers adding children to their families: namely, which would be better — a midwife or an OB/GYN? Most expectant parents understand the first part of the answer, but often not fully: an OB/GYN is a medical doctor. They go to medical… Read More

10 Essential DVDs And Books For Pregnancy

Books and DVDs for Pregnancy

Giving birth — especially for the first time — is a momentous part of your life. People often ask me about resources they should check out before the actual birth. Here are 10 pre-pregnancy DVDs and books that I find particularly powerful. Laboring Under An Illusion This is a must-see documentary film that intertwines hilarious, media-generated birth… Read More

What Is A Peanut Ball For Labor?

In a recent post, we talked about birthing balls — which are essentially yoga balls that can be used during pregnancy, labor, and even postpartum. Here, we’re going to discuss peanut balls. Peanut balls, as you can see, have a slightly different shape than a standard yoga or birthing ball. As a result, the potential… Read More

What Is A Birthing Ball — And Can It Help Labor?

A birthing ball is essentially the same thing as a gym or yoga ball. Typically they’re made from anti-burst material — so while you should definitely keep sharp objects away from it and store it in a safe space, it will deflate slowly if punctured, as opposed to potentially exploding. How do you use a… Read More

The Most Eye-Opening New Mom I Ever Worked With

Recently, I was the doula for a young mom; she was about 18 years old. It was her first pregnancy, and the baby’s father was in and out of the picture. We had met a few times during her pregnancy, to get to know one another, talk about her birth and how it was going… Read More

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