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Your newborn nighttime routine

Newborn Nighttime Routine

A newborn nighttime routine is important. Any parent — whether it’s first kid or sixth kid — would tell you that. Establishing consistency early on is pretty much everything, and that’s the essence of a newborn nighttime routine. I love working with new mothers and I love what I can provide them via The Birth… Read More

Your hospital bag essentials

Hospital Bag

In my work as a doula, new moms (and dads) ask me all the time about hospital bag essentials. Thankfully, because I’ve been at so many births, I was able to design my own hospital bag. So, what do I see as hospital bag essentials? Let’s dive in quickly. Lavender: This is a soothing smell. Lavender oil… Read More

Why your maternity bag matters

The Birth Bag

There are a crush of things that happen around your entire pregnancy and due date — and this is true whether it’s Kid No. 1 or Kid No. 6. In the context of everything, some people forget about the importance of the maternity bag. The maternity bag is essentially going to be what’s with you, and comforting… Read More

The importance of dads/partners to The Birth Bag

I posted that picture above to Facebook yesterday. You can see everything in The Birth Bag here, but I wanted to do a quick post explaining the role of some of the items. In this example above, typically what you’re seeing is used by the dad/partner during the process. Almost everything in The Birth Bag… Read More

Let’s talk about sex after baby

Sex after baby

There are 146 million Google results for “sex after baby,” which seems to prove it’s a topic a lot of people want to discuss. Some of the more notable headlines off that search include: “45 Secrets No One Tells You About Having Sex After Giving Birth” “What The First Time After Pregnancy Is Really Like”… Read More

Watch Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra special on Netflix

If you have Netflix, I’d suggest watching Ali Wong’s comedy special called ‘Baby Cobra.’ It’s streaming now. Here’s a trailer for it. Wong is a writer on ABC’s sitcom Fresh off the Boat, and she’s very funny. As you can see in that screen capture on the YouTube video above, she’s pregnant — about 7.5… Read More

Can You Afford A Baby?

This is one of the central questions most new parents, or even new couples, face. For context, there are 89 million search results on Google for this phrase. People are clearly thinking — and then writing — about it. It’s a little bit different now than it was even 1-2 generations ago. The current savings… Read More

Conversations before having a baby

The pre-kids parenting/partner ‘pow wow’ is a big topic. Let’s be clear about one thing upfront: ‘accidents’ do happen. People get pregnant without planning it, and many mothers get through and thrive in this context. But if you are the planner type, what conversations should be happening before a baby enters the equation? Here are… Read More

What’s In Your Diaper Bag?

Diaper Bag

This is going to be a shorter post, and a bit more of a crowd-sourced one. If you come across it, feel free to leave comments — or if you see it on Facebook or another social channel, feel free to leave comments there as well. After I did the birth bags from around the… Read More

Birth Bags From Around The World

When I was a young girl, I was really fascinated with pregnancy, birth, and babies. That obviously led me into the career I chose, which in turn led me to create my own Birth Bag. As a result of this life-long appreciation for the process and gift of life, I love it when a mainstream publication… Read More

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