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How The Birth Bag came to be…

✼ Call it experience, guidance and that little bit of encouragement all wrapped up in one and tied with love!

Kristin, founder of The Birth Bag, is a birth & postpartum doula working with families in Boston, Central and Western MA. As a young girl, she was amazed with pregnancy, birth and babies. At 16, she started her career as a nanny, after 10 years and a dozen children and the birth of her own daughter, her paths intertwined and her journey supporting new and growing families began.

Slowly she started putting together a bag that she brought with her to births, and to clients homes for postpartum care filled with comfort measures, energy packed foods and just the right essentials for those first few weeks with a new baby. She started to carry those essentials to sell to clients who didn’t have time to order them. The list began to grow, her clients started depending on her bag of food for energy at births and her never ending supply of the essentials.

As a doula, Kristin loves helping families navigate their own path, make their own decisions, and learn how to support one another through this journey. She wanted to find a way to spread the love beyond her own clients and make her bag available to all birthing moms. It’s like enjoying Kristin as your own private virtual doula, you can enjoy her wisdom, experience, tricks and favorite tools all in one bag. She is delighted to now have The Birth Bag support so many families around North America.

The Birth Bag

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